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Rhodes Watersports – Discover the fun of the sea

Water sports come in many different forms, and always become something
better, or a new sports mix. Why are water sports so popular?

rhodes watersports

Well, for starters,  they do not look that dangerous, since you’re less likely to hurt yourself by falling into the water at 30mph than if you were to land at 30mph. https://rhodes-island-greece.comI think it’s also because of our fascination with water in general, we’re all curious about what’s lurking in the depths

when we get into the sea, and that’s part of the fun of water sports.


They are also fun, full of action and adrenaline which is what we all like, so why not go to the waters of the abyss and try a new sport? What prevents you from doing something different for a change?

I think we all have to try new things that make us feel alive and motivated.


There are Watersports companies that provide services for the realization of the water sports of your preference.

There are teams, you will find with the best professionals with integral innovations in the world of sports, communication, and coaching.

They understand water sports as a way of life and an incredible way to learn, exercise and make friends. That is why their basic requirements for you to enjoy your vacation is to learn and have fun with your family and friends.

For an even more special experience, you can book parasailing, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, and many more activities to enjoy this wonderful environment.

Among the water sports they offer are:


Wakeboard: A classic of all summers.

It seems complicated, but those who practice it ensure that once you take the hand, you
will not want to get off the table. It is ideal for all ages and a complete sport. Work tail, legs, and arms.

Recommended for those who want to exercise and do not have much free time. It is about mastering a medium that
is alien to us, like water, and “walking” on that medium.

rhodes watersports


This is a sport in which a person is subjected to a parachute, which is specially designed
for the practice of this leisure sport and the parachute is in turn attached
to the back of a boat that will drag it. As soon as the boat begins to accelerate, the parachute will rise,

and the person who is attached to the parachute will begin to fly above the water.

rhodes watersports

Crazy UFO: Enjoy a fun aquatic activity.

Relax and board aboard Crazy UFO. Driven by a boat, you will feel the speed on the water, and you will have fun with the amazing, unexpected turns. Crazy UFO, one of the newest water activities, guarantees you 10 minutes of laughter and

Crazy UFO

is aimed at people of all ages and has a fully qualified team
that can assist you without any problems.

rhodes watersports

Sting Ray:

The Sting Ray is a drag mat, where you have to hold tightly so you do not get fired with
the waves jumping. It is for all ages and people with a desire for fun and physical


Water skiing:

This is a sport that counts with more and more acceptance that
mixes surfing and skiing. The person who practices requires good reflexes and balance; The gliding at high speeds
on the surface of the water on narrow wooden boards, and practice games and stunts allows anyone to imagine

the emotion and beauty that surrounds.

rhodes watersports

Banana Ride: Experience the thrill of taking a banana ride!

Cool off and have fun running across the ocean while enjoying a great view.
Perfect for groups of friends or family.


Pedal boat:

We rented boats for an ideal and fun ride. There are boats of oars and pedals and
the most diverse types, sizes, and shapes. For the romantics, they can opt
for an evening stroll or in the day with the whole family.

Enjoy sports and vacations doing something different!

In our directory, you may find a watersport spot near you.

rhodes watersports rhodes watersports rhodes watersports rhodes watersports


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