Holidays in Rhodes are an exciting experience

as the list has it all and the beaches are not necessarily at the top.
Do you think that you know everything about Rhodes? And yet, there are some experiences of the largest island of the Dodecanese that are even better outside of the tourist summer season.

Rhodes island Greece rhodes-island-greece-21 Rhodes top list to do! Activities Beaches Daily Sea Cruises Rhodes Rhodes best sight to visit

Travel to other times walking in the Old Town

There is something atmospheric in the old town of Rhodes that ranks it at the top of the list. Not only because it gives you the feeling of a movie set where from time to time knights will clash but also because it remains as alive as its Medieval version. Imagine standing in the way of the Knights: On the one hand the Palace of the Grand Master, and on the other, the Hospital of the Knights that houses the Archaeological Museum.
And on the rest of the cobbled path, inns where once the knights got drunk, prayed and conspired. The whole city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Once you have explored it all, find a restaurant of modern Greek cuisine, so that you can tune in to all seasons.

Enchant with the beauty of Lindos and the bay of Agios Pavlos

The first thing anyone who arrives in Lindos should do is explore the archeological site and the Venetian walls up to the top of the hill, where the citadel, dedicated to Linda Athena, is located. So rich history but also so much beauty! In front of you, the timeless blue of the Aegean and below the whole view of the city of Lindos, a labyrinth of shops, bars, taverns and hotels waiting for you to discover. Just to the right, the bay of Agios Pavlos, an almost closed cove in which you will not see the time to dive or just enjoy your drink. Can you imagine having the perfect cocktail party under a 3rd century BC temple? Here, you can!

Rhodes island Greece lindos-castle-4460037_1280 Rhodes top list to do! Activities Beaches Daily Sea Cruises Rhodes Rhodes best sight to visit

Admire a unique phenomenon in the Valley of the Butterflies and Rodini Park

A winged spectacle awaits you every year in Rhodes from June to September. Millions of vivid colorful Panaxia butterflies come here to feed on the sap of the Zitia tree and lay their eggs. So, they gave the valley their name and us the opportunity to admire them (be careful where you step! But these tiny creatures are very sensitive and we must help preserve their species). Speaking of natural getaways, near the old town is Rodini Park which has a variety of easy walking paths, ponds, plane trees and other species of plants. Perfect picnic spot!

Rhodes island Greece rodini-park-rhodes-5 Rhodes top list to do! Activities Beaches Daily Sea Cruises Rhodes Rhodes best sight to visit

Get to know the villages… and even more castles!

You have not lived the authentic Rhodes if you do not see the hinterland, that is, the villages. He spent a day starting from Ebona, a village famous for its grapes, on the slopes of Mount Attaviros to the west. At the right time you can see the raisins drying in the sun. For a breathtaking sunset, pass by Monolithos, with its stone houses and medieval castle at the top of the hill.
To the east you will find Vati with panoramic views of the surrounding villages and a picturesque square perfect for sunbathing and drinking coffee before embarking on a hike on one of the trails here. In the same area is Lachania with its blue doors and windows, carved stone gates and tiled roofs. Close with an evening meal in Haraki by the sea, under the starlight and the illuminated castle in the background. Paradise!

Rhodes island Greece rhodes-koskinou-village-190 Rhodes top list to do! Activities Beaches Daily Sea Cruises Rhodes Rhodes best sight to visit

Dive into the most incredible beaches

Time to cool down. A walk in Mandraki, the busy port next to the Old Town famous for the bronze deer at its entrance, or the beautiful marina of Rhodes on the wider coastline, is the best gift you can give yourself. Book a day trip by private boat and skipper and explore the entire coastal area up to Lindos. You will find incredible places for diving and dream beaches!
It started from the sandy Kallithea (without missing the art deco aesthetics, its thermal springs with the ornate pebble mosaics of the area). It continued to the beach with the turquoise waters, the famous “Anthony Quinn”, which was named after the famous American actor fell in love with this cove during the filming of “The Cannons of Navarone”. Finally, admire Tsampika and Agathi with the white sand inside and out of the sea.

Rhodes island Greece ph.-Haven-Beach-13-Copy-min Rhodes top list to do! Activities Beaches Daily Sea Cruises Rhodes Rhodes best sight to visit


The green island… which is not always an island

For the end we kept Prasonisi, a special geological formation at the southern tip of Rhodes. In winter it looks like a small island but in summer it transforms into a peninsula since two strips of sand connect it with Rhodes. In any case, it is the paradise of kite and wind surfers. But even if you are not a fan of surfing, do not worry. This beach has two sides, covering each one… just like Rhodes!

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