Rhodes Island

Rhodes Island

The Greek island, Rhodes, is the largest island in Greece. It is a separate municipality in the country.
According to the 2011 statistics, around 50636 people staying on this island. It is nicknamed
as The Island of the Knights since it was under the rule of Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem once.

The Colossus,

one among the seven wonders in the world is situated in Rhodes.
As a result of that, a lot of tourists visit this island every day. Rhodes Island has been declared as a site of world heritage.

The name of the US state Rhode Island is indebted Rhodes Island Greece.
The island has a pleasant climate throughout a year and that is why many tourists all over the world consider
this island as their destination.


Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are the three major religions in Rhodes Island.
The economy of the island is primarily dependent on tourist revenue.

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Therefore, the tourism sector on the island is highly developed. Apart from tourism, agricultural goods, stockbreeding,
fishery and winery also contribute something to the economic development of the island.
The island has highly developed air, road and sea transport infrastructure.


It has three major airports; two under the private sector and one under the public sector. Diagoras Airport, the biggest airport in
Greece is located on this island. Apart from the three airports, the island has five ports and a well-developed network of roads.


Therefore, tourists may not face any transportation problems while visiting this island.
Although this island is visited by people from different countries, the most number
of visitors are from countries such as Britain, Israel, France, Italy, Sweden, and Norway.


Visitors can enjoy the natural environment,

clean beaches, and traditional Greek foods while visiting Rhodes Island.
Football, basketball, volleyball, rugby, sailing, and cycling are some of the most popular sports on this island.


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