Rhodes is one of the most popular islands in Greece with most days of sunshine and the longest summer in all of Greece, You can follow here our list of Rhodes best Resources and find the best information.

Home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World and one of the stars of Greek tourism in general, Rhodes is today an island that hosts up to 100,000 tourists daily. Rhodes has magnificent sandy beaches, a very interesting medieval town, fantastic nightlife, and many archaeological sites.


Like Corfu, Rhodes is a place where, although highly developed, it still has pristine and wilderness spots – let’s not forget that much of the island is lush and scattered with mountains and beaches.


But the island is big and you will definitely need a means of transport to visit it all.
No trip to Rhodes is complete without a visit to the Butterfly Valley – it’s worth it!

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Tsambika Beach

Three kilometers after Kolymbia we turn left, crossing the hill at the top of which

is the Tsambika Monastery and we reach the beautiful, popular and homonymous beach 1.5 km

away from the main road.


Golden sand and crystal clear waters, ideal for swimming and water sports.


On the beach of Tsambika it is worth to go with the boats that make daily cruises from Rhodes town.


Tsambika is one of the most beautiful beaches of Rhodes, with an endless sandy beach of golden sand.


Dozens of colorful flags make the various beach restaurants and sports centers stand out.


Other than that and a grocery store next to the bus stop, there is absolutely nothing else here.

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The monastery of Panagia Tsambika

Before crossing the road to the beach, start on the left for the monastery

of Panagia Tsambika or Kyra, on the green hill.


The car goes up 3/4 of the way.

There is a 15-minute walk to the summit (287 meters high)

where you enjoy a panoramic view of Afandou, Kolympia, Tsambika beaches, and the island’s interior

(up to Mount Atavyros).


The monastery was built in the 16th century.

The 8th of September, which is celebrating, becomes a traditional festival. The church has magnificent interior decoration and the miraculous icon of the Annunciation.


Our Lady of Tsambika is considered a miracle worker, especially for women who cannot have children.


Many women pray to the Virgin Mary and if they pray, they give their child the name of the Virgin.

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Old Town

The city built by the Knights of St. John, which is visited by thousands of visitors,
Greeks and foreigners alike is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


But all this is not enough to describe the beauty of life within the walls.
Wander the high and small streets, the busy and deserted alleys, the many squares
and the dozens of monuments.


Enter and exit all eleven gates and observe the houses and buildings.
Visit the Grand Master’s Palace and the Suleiman Mosque, see Yeni
Hammam and the Mustafa Mosque.

Sit on the steps at Hippocrates Square and observe

the multiracial crowd, descend on Hippo Street at night and pass through the

majestic D’Aubois Gate.


It is one of the few times you will realize that the

environment, architecture, and buildings can create an atmosphere and make you feel.

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Socrates Street

The most central and busy street in the Old Town. Shops of all sorts and races
around the world go up and down for ice cream, coffee or shopping.
Ippoton Street


It is the quietest and most imposing street of the Old Town.


A little further from the tourist center, Knights Street is the entrance to the city’s fairytale medieval



Many are unaware of this and miss the unique opportunity to see the Old Town of

Rhodes from above, and especially on the walls surrounding it.


Every Tuesday and Saturday morning, a tour of the walls of the Grand Master’s Palace begins.

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Lindos: The Lady of Rhodes

The sights we must not miss

At the foot of an impressive rock, on the ruins of an ancient city, lies the traditional 

settlement of Lindos, a unique destination on the island of Rhodes.

Leave your car outside the traditional settlement and start your stroll through the winding lanes 

of countless shops, traditional taverns and cafes.

White cube-shaped houses, surrounded by the Aegean blue, stand proudly on the rock, 

giving this preserved settlement an unmatched charm.

Wear your sneakers, a hat for sun protection, and take a bottle of water before heading

to the archaeological site of the city. 

It is open daily to guests from 8.00 to 19.40, on weekends and Mondays 

from 8.00 to 14.40, and the ticket costs 6 euros.

At the top of the steep rock, 116 meters above sea level, on a balcony on the high seas, 

with the Doric Temple of Athena Lindos standing majestic, 

the historic monument of the Acropolis of Lindos reveals the grandeur of its culture.

From Homer to Ancient Greece, the Hellenistic and Roman Period, the Byzantine Period and the Medieval Age of the Knights, the circle of history has delivered one of the most important monuments of our country. 

The findings testify to the timeless power of the Acropolis and the wealth of ancient Lindos, 

which reached its peak of prosperity, especially in the 6th century BC, 

led by Cleovoulos, who was one of the seven wise men in ancient times Hellas.

On the sacred rock of the Acropolis of Lindos you will see the knightly walls,

the Hellenistic platform, the altar and statue bases, the Hellenistic Gallery, the Temple of Athena Lindos, 

a 13th century church of St. John and of course you will admire a breathtaking sea view and the settlement.

The jewel of Lindos architecture is undoubtedly the 16th, 17th and 18th Century 

Kapetanika mansions, all built by local craftsmen who stand out for their craftsmanship, 

harmonious proportions, simple interior design and functionality.

Carved lintels, cobblestone courtyards, ornate painted ceilings, colorful local ceramic 

tiles and wooden divans covered with carpets and wedding embroidery make Lindos’ homes unique.

Be sure to visit the Byzantine Church of the Assumption, located in the center of the settlement. 

Its striking frescoes are characterized by incredible detail in the illustration.

Below the beautiful settlement of Lindos are two beaches with quiet, crystal clear waters, 

sheltered by the picturesque bay. Swim in the organized beaches, admiring the white settlement and the castle above you.

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