Pefkos Village

Pefkos Village

is a small settlement located at the southern end of the island, 56 km from the city of Rhodes. At Pefkos Village, you’ll even see the picturesque grandmother sitting on the balcony as if she’s out of a postcard.

Pefkos was built in an old village that was once known as the fisherman’s village and lies between Lindos and Lardos.


If what you are looking for is a quiet holiday, then visit Pefkos Village and you will not regret it! 


You can relax on the beach all day, under the generous shade of pine trees 

(from which this place was named), and then, when the moon appears, 

you have the privilege of enjoying your drink, in a beautifully decorated bar.


Walking through Pefkos village during the day will give you the impression that it is a relaxed resort, 

however, when darkness falls, things are different here, with more … activity. 

The taverns will offer you delicious food (taste marinade fish and octopus) and a variety of bars with different types of music,

ready to entertain you until the early hours! 

Also, take a stroll through the souvenir shops (there are many in Pefkos) and choose from a wide variety

of souvenirs that will remind you of the beautiful moments you spent on the island!

The beach of the village, during the day, is full of people. Bars and cafés are very close to the beach and if you love adrenaline, 

you can also find jet-skis and speedboats for rent. 

Visitors still have the opportunity to discover scattered pebble areas between pine trees and turquoise waters.

Towards the end of the beach, shallow water caves are suitable for swimming and exploring, and are a meeting point for many tourists.

What to remember: The beach is so soft that you will love sunbathing, even if you belong to those who are bored.

Best of all: Pefkos village has the most souvenir shops from anywhere in Rhodes.

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