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Rhodes island is the largest and the most popular of the group of Dodecanese islands in the southeastern Aegean

Rhodes island Greece is a first-class destination for summer holidays.


Well is known as the “island of the knights”, and with a rich historical background, which can be appreciated

 by its historic buildings and monuments. The atmosphere in the old town of Rhodes is simply unique! Strong walls, 


cobbled streets, elegant mansions, and a medieval castle create the illusion that you have traveled back in time to the time of the knights.

Do not be surprised if you think you are in a medieval fairy tale. Who knows? Maybe you were a gentleman or a princess in your past life!

Thomas Hotel Monolithos village

There are many amazing things to do in Rhodes! Walkthrough the historic city of Rhodes, 


visit the medieval monuments of the old town of Rhodes, discover impressive castles, eat in excellent restaurants

and swim in the incredible beaches of Rhodes. Rhodes island is the only place thanks to its size

that has always something new to discover. 


rhodes beach

At the northeast end of the island is its capital, the city of Rhodes, 

with a population of about 55,000 and is its largest settlement.

Within the city limits of Rhodes lies the Medieval City of Rhodes or the Old Town, as the locals call it, 

one of the best-preserved medieval cities in the world, recognized since 1988 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Within the walls of the Old Town are remarkable monuments from the Byzantine era, the Turkish occupation, 

and the Italian occupation, with the most imposing being the Grand Master’s Palace.


About 12 km northwest of the city is Rhodes State Airport “Diagoras”,

 which is the main gateway for visitors to the island.

The fact that Rhodes is consistently ranked fourth in arrivals nationally, as well as the fact 

that visitors arriving on the island with a cruise ship numbering in the tens of thousands

 per year, prove that Rhodes is an internationally recognized tourist destination of particular importance to Greece. economy.

Worldwide recognized. Cosmopolitan and traditional. Timeless and contemporary. Fantastic and simple.

Rhodes is more than sure to fascinate you.

Museums, archaeological sites and sights

The “emerald island” is flooded every year by thousands of tourists from all over the globe who visit it to enjoy the sea, its nature and sights, as well as to learn its rich history. The special interest of tourists attracts:


the (Medieval) Old Town of Rhodes

the Palace of the Grand Master or Castello, which functions as a Museum

the Archaeological Museum, housed in the building of the Great Hospital of the Knights

the Panagia Kastro, a church of the 11th century. which functions as a Byzantine Museum

the ruins of Our Lady of Burgos

the medieval moat around the Old Town

the Acropolis of Rhodes, where the ancient stadium and the ruins of the temple of Apollo are located

the fortress of Agios Nikolaos, in the port of Mandraki

the Cathedral of the Annunciation, built during the Italian occupation

the aquarium, in the northern part of the city of Rhodes

the Rodini Park

the Acropolis of Lindos and the whole traditional settlement of Lindos

the acropolis of ancient Ialyssos, on the hill of Filerimos, where is the Our Lady of Filerimos church

Ancient Kamiros

the Valley of the Butterflies, in the village of Theologos

the Valley of the Seven Springs

the Kallithea Thermal Springs, a monumental area formed during the Italian occupation

Panagia Tsambika – Tall in the Archangel

the hotel complex “Elafos and Elafina” on Mount Prophet Elias

the valley of Salakos in the homonymous settlement, on the northwest coast of the island, 38 km from the capital

the cave “Koumelo” in Archangelos

the Faraklos Castle in Haraki

the Castle of Monolithos

the Castle of Kritinia

the “marble boat” in Panagia Skiadeni

the Agios Fanourios church   (14th century)

the church of the Holy Trinity (15th century)

the monastery of Agios Georgios (15th century)

the church of Agia Kiriaki (15th century)

the church of the Assumption, near Apostolides Square

the monastery of Agios Nikolaos (4th century), a special preserved monument

Zoodochos Pigi Church (15th century)

the underground Byzantine church of Agios Georgios Chostos with great 15th century frescoes

the chapel of Ai Soula in Soroni

the monastery of the Prophet Amos in Faliraki

the staggered Calvary Road with 134 steps on the sides of which represent representations of the Passion of Christ

the Monastery of Tharri or the Monastery of Archangel Michael of Tharrinos (12th century) in the village of Laerma

Prasonisi, at the southernmost tip of the island

It is worth seeing in Rhodes

Rhodes Old Town: world heritage, priceless

The best preserved medieval settlement in the world is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Towns list. Protected within its imposing wall – the boundary between the past and the present – the Old Town of Rhodes is the island’s “coat of arms”, 

and one of the many reasons to choose this island for your vacation.

In the Old Town every stone tells a story reaching a depth of 2,400 years. 

Ancient statues, marble coats of arms, fountains, the Street of the Knights and the Palace of the Grand Master, 

mosques and hammam, the Clock Tower with incredible views is the legacy left by the cultures that passed.

The Grand Master in Kastelo and the Street of the Knights

The most famous street of the Old Town of Rhodes is the street of the Knights, restored to its medieval form.

Here are the lodgings of the ethnic groups that formed the battalion of the Ioanniton Knights.

At the highest point of the road stands the imposing Kastelo, the Palace of the Grand Master, with its huge towers, 

which is a magnificent museum and the most important sights of the island.


In the secular Mandraki

It is the modern city of Rhodes, with its shopping center, big hotels, countless cafes, restaurants, clubs, as well as traditional “Marasian” houses. At Mandraki Port, on two tall columns of limestone, are the symbols of the island: the Elafos and the Elafina. At the edge of the harbor is the small fortress of Agios Nikolaos, built-in 1464-67.

Along with the coastline the public buildings that the Italians built on the island impress: the New Agora, the Bank of Greece, the Governor’s Office, the Archdiocese’s Palace, the Town Hall, the National Theater and the famous Grande Albergo Dell Hotel. ), the most luxurious in Europe during the interwar period. Today it hosts the Casino of Rhodes in its wing and spreads out to the Aquarium,.