Did you know that Rhodes has 20 blue flags? These 14 beaches you must visit in Rhodes are for all tastes. 


You can find yourself in a secluded beach bar or a completely secluded and unknown beach. 


I have listed everything you need to know about the 14 beaches you must visit in Rhodes.

It has been described as one of the most crowded and most visited beaches in the Mediterranean 

and receives a large number of visitors every year. 


Elli is the most lively and secular beach in Rhodes town and has umbrellas, sun loungers and beach bars on the beach.


Elli Beach starts at Elli Coffee Restaurant which is a reference point for Rhodes and reaches the Aquarium. 


We could divide this great beach of Rhodes town into 3. One part is Elli Beach, 

the next part is the one in front of the Hotel Rhodes, the casino. 


And the last part is this next to the aquarium. Although we are talking about the same long beach,

its principle is more human as it is narrower and does not fit many loungers. 


After the casino and up to the aquarium there is a crowd. 


At Elli beach, there is also a platform for those who love diving.


This is also the Ronda I visited one of the best beach bars on the island and quite secular. 

2. Afandou beach, one of the longest beach in Rhodes island

Following the road Rhodes – Lindos, 5 km after Faliraki, we find Afandou village on our right

and Afandou beach on our left.


The village of Afandou is surrounded by fruit forest and rich olive trees, 

Afandou village is a large and old village in Rhodes with deep roots in the island’s history and tradition

and with a special emphasis on carpet making. 


Next to the large square stands the church of the Virgin Mary. Very near to the beach 

are the Panagia Katholiki, Church with 17th-century frescoes and celebrates August 15th.


The extensive beach of Afandou has crystal clear waters and fine pebbles, 

a huge beach with clear blue waters and a quiet environment.


There is no Beach Bar and you need to have the necessary for swimming and sunbathing.

Very close to Golf Afandou Rhodes Lie on its pebbly shore and enjoy sunsets in clear water, but they dive sharply.


For those who love sports, there is also beach volleyball, beach soccer and next 

to the famous Afandou golf course.


Towards the end of this beach is another beach called Traganou (but only a small part of it is organized). 


On the left side of Traganou, there are many caves that adventure lovers can explore. 


Just 7 km from Traganou, you can take a stroll to Seven Springs. It is an area of exceptional natural beauty, 

with many pines and a lake consisting of seven springs.

3. Ladiko bay at Faliraki area

Ladiko bay is one of the most picturesque beaches on Rhodes island. 


It is a quiet creek, surrounded by rocks, leading to turquoise waters. 


The beach is organized with sun loungers and umbrellas and its fine sand is ideal 

for puddles for young swimmers.

4. Anthony Quinn bay at Faliraki

He became famous from the filming of the movie “The Canons of Navarone”, he was loved by the protagonist 

and famous actor Anthony Quinn and eventually became his name. 


Anthony Quinn Beach is ideal for underwater diving because of its underwater morphology 

and attracts many boats as it has a small jetty where they can be easily docked.


It is surrounded by rocks, embracing its crystal clear waters.


The story begins in 1960. In the filming of the film “The Canons of Navarone” starring Anthony Quinn,

part of the filming was chosen to take place in a cove. 


A bay located 15 kilometers from the center of Rhodes and only 3 from Faliraki. 


Beach with pebbles, 

pine trees, and turquoise waters.


The name of this beach until then was Vagies.

The actress was fascinated by the beauty of the landscape.


So he decided to buy this small cove to create a resting place for actors and film people in general.


In his initiative, the Greek state initially helped.

He was then given the land for a symbolic amount for the season.


As an example of recognizing the actor ‘s contribution to promoting Greece.


It is true that Antony Quinn had done his utmost to promote the beauty of our country through his films.


Both with “Navarone Canons” and with Alexis Zorba in Michalis Cacogiannis.


But later on with the “Greek tycoon” where he embodied Aristotle Onassis.


After all, through many bureaucratic problems that arose, the beach never came under the ownership of the actress.


This fact caused him bitterness which he had until his death in June 2001 at the age of 86 years. 


At the same time, the ownership of the beach still holds the Greek state and the actor’s widow in the lead role.


For the inhabitants of Rhodes, however, the beach is named after him and this will forever 

be a reminder of his passing away from us, and how much he loved this country. 


After all, both Crete and Rhodes are only happy to remember him.

5. Kallithea

One of the must-see when visiting Rhodes is the famous fountains of Kallithea, 

which have set the stage for some of the most famous Greek films Guns of Navarone 

and continue to fascinate locals and tourists. 


The small successive beaches of the area are surrounded by pine and palm trees. 


Here are the famous and healing hot springs of Kallithea Springs.


The whole area of Kallithea is beautiful, the beaches of the area make the rocks 

that surround them more beautiful. 


Small sand languages are here and there. 


The whole area is ideal for walking and exploring the beaches that have strange names.

6. Ixia

To the north of the island, the huge 8km long Ixia beach is particularly popular with surf enthusiasts.


The strong winds that blow the area in summer, the well-known meltemi, create the ideal conditions 

for all kinds of water sports. Many have described it as the coolest beach on the island.

7. Ialyssos beach

Ialyssos is a very touristy beach, as it stretches along Heraklides Avenue, 

where some of the largest hotel units on the island operate. It is also a beach 

that favors surfing and its waters deepen.

8. Kiotari

Going further south you will find Kiotari, a long, organized sandy beach. 


Enjoy the sea and water sports and choose for your meal one of the traditional tavernas you 

will find along the seafront.

9. Faliraki - the longest beach on Rhodes

Faliraki has existed for years and remains, one of the most developed tourist areas of Rhodes, 

only thanks to its huge beach. 


The beach is sandy and lovely and is over 4 km long. 


The big beach in Faliraki starts on the left where the beaches of Kallithea end, continues 

where the huge hotel units of the area stand and reach the settlement. 


You will also find beaches to the right of Faliraki in small bays, small pebble beaches such 

as the famous Anthony Quinn beach, but Faliraki beach will never lose its popularity because it is truly wonderful. 


Faliraki is an excellent choice for staying in Rhodes if you want to be near the beautiful beaches 

on the east side of the island.


In Faliraki when we refer to its beach we mean the great beach that I have 

described before but whoever is willing to explore in a very short distance 

there are other beaches worth your visit.

10. Prasonisi - the surfers paradise

Be sure to visit a magnificent location on the southernmost tip of the island, Prasonisi.


It is essentially a rock island, connected to the rest of Rhodes island 

by a narrow strip of sand about one kilometer long. 


The two beaches formed by the winds merge and cover the land, creating an image of unique beauty. 


The area is considered a paradise for surfing enthusiasts, as strong winds blow 

there especially in July and August.

11. Lindos beach the most visited beach on Rhodes

Beneath the beautiful settlement of Lindos are two beaches with quiet, crystal clear waters, 

sheltered by the picturesque bay. 


Swim in the organized beaches, admiring above you the white settlement and the castle, 

which dominates the hill.


However, the scenery in the bay that hosts the two beaches of Lindos and the whole area fills 

the eyes and soul with beauty and thus rewards you for the many visitors who are everywhere 


every day whether trying to enjoy the sea or to visit the narrow streets alleyways or the Acropolis of Lindos. 


There are many other beaches worth your interest near Lindos. A typical case is St. Paul, located on the back of Lindos.

12. Tsambika Bay

A long and sandy beach with a look and style like Sahara, also a very popular area. 


Its end is undoubtedly the endless sandy beach, with its full organization, 

umbrellas and sun loungers, which is flooded with crowds of tourists enjoying its crystal clear waters.


The reason for Tsambika, the impressive beach of Rhodes, under the rock 

with the Monastery of Panagia Tsambika, from which it got its name. It is located southeast 


of the city of Rhodes and its customers choose it for both swimming and fun by the sea and for 

the water sports that take place there. 


Access can be made by road, following the road to Kolympia, or by sea, by boat, 

which make daily trips from the city of Rhodes.


If you get here, combine your swim with a visit to the monastery of Panagia Tsambika,

on the hill, dating back to the 16th century. The view is panoramic, both towards the beaches and inland.

13. Lardos beach

The beautiful sandy beaches of Lardos are one of the best beaches of Rhodes.


The clear crystal clear waters and the gentle waves crashing on the beach make it ideal for sun play 

or even relaxation on the sun loungers in the shade of the umbrella. 


There are also many taverns along the beach where you can order a cool drink or a snack while enjoying the sun. 


An alternative to entertainment is the wide variety of water sports, even a safe go-kart for the whole family.

14. Kremasti beach

Kremasti is a village very close to Rhodes Airport and has a large section of coastline. 


On the beach, which is also ideal for water sports, you will find the relevant schools and shops for renting equipment. 


On the beach of Kremasti one can find quieter parts of the beach where 

he or she is almost alone or he can choose the most crowded places.


The beach is very close to Kremasti where you can get everything or you can even choose Kremasti 

as your place of residence in Rhodes. On the beach, you will also find spots with canteens, sun loungers, 

and umbrellas.

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