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Being the largest and most popular island of the group of Dodecanese islands, Rhodes Greece is a first class holiday destination.


Also known as the “island of the knights”, Rhodes has a rich historical past, which can be appreciated by its historic buildings and monuments. The atmosphere in the old town of Rhodes is simply unique! Strong walls, cobbled streets, elegant mansions and a medieval castle create the illusion that you have traveled back in time to the time of the knights. Do not be surprised if you think you are in a medieval fairy tale. Who knows? Maybe you were a gentleman or a princess in your past life!


As for the things to do in Rhodes, you’ll never run out of options! Stroll through the historic city of Rhodes, visit the medieval monuments of the old town of Rhodes, discover impressive castles, eat in excellent restaurants and swim in the incredible beaches of Rhodes.


Thanks to its size, Rhodes always offers something new to discover!